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5-day seminar


June 15 - 19


expert training acoustic electric guitar making CONTEMPORARY GUITAR MAKING is
a comprehensive overview of the entire field of modern lutherie. Whether you're an experienced luthier or just beginning, this unique 5-day seminar will have a lasting impact on the depth and breadth of your understanding as you build your guitars.

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7-day guitar tech workshop


March 8 - 14 (full)


guitar repair set-up guitar making class

SET-UP, MAINTENANCE & BASIC REPAIR is a 7-day hands-on workshop introducing the skills and techniques used by professional guitar techs to keep guitars in great condition, playing at their best. You'll learn how to trouble-shoot instruments, optimize their performance, and correct the most common problems that full-time repair persons deal with.

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hands-on guitar building - fox side bender instruction




2-week acoustic guitar workshop
7-day electric guitar workshop


February 9 - 21, STEEL (full)

Mar. 29-April 4, electric (1 spot)

April 27 - May 9, STEEL

hands-on guitar making class luthier make your own guitar
HANDS-ON GUITAR MAKING teaches professional methods and techniques used by today's successful luthiers. Spend two high-energy weeks learning the craft as you build your own guitar in a setting designed to maximize your learning and the quality of your work.

Acoustic  Course Description details

Electric    Course Description details.



5-day seminar


MAY 25 - 29

guitar making - advanced design features

in-depth study of double tops, beveled arm-rests, compound cut-aways, fan frets, adjustable and removeable necks, elevated fingerboards, laminated rims, sound ports, removeable bridges, and other new design features found on today's high-end hand-made guitars. Learn to understand and to incorporate these features into your own work.

See Course Description for details.


build your own electric guitar


guitar building luthier and teacher Charles Fox Greetings, Charles Fox here. Thanks
for your interest in the American School of Lutherie. For 40 years it's been my pleasure to teach the craft of guitar making and offer my best counsel to folks seeking to enter the field. With so many schools to choose among today, I've included a page of advice on SELECTING A SCHOOL, which I hope you'll find useful.

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ASL is the original and longest established school for luthiers
in North America. Since 1973 many hundreds of beginning and experienced craftspeople have passed through our doors, learning valuable skills and gaining powerful insights into this challenging work. We've introduced the craft to many of today's established luthiers and guided experienced builders to new levels of mastery. Along the way we've developed the basic learning model and teaching formats used by guitar making classes everywhere.

ASL specializes in intensive, short-term, full-immersion classes designed for busy working adults - beginners and experienced
guitar makers for whom long-term study isn't an option. One-week seminars and two-week hands-on workshops offer a choice of learning experiences designed to provide a strong foundation for continuing work on your own. Classes are small, the environment is friendly and stimulating. We have a good time sharing information, and you'll likely make a friend or two to stay in touch with and compare notes as you move forward on your own.

build your own guitar group

CLASS FULL?  All currently scheduled class dates are posted on this page. To keep our lives flexible for guitar production, travel, etc, we post class dates 3-6 months prior to each class. Check this page periodically for schedule updates, and let us know by email if you'd like early notification of future dates for a class your interested in.

You'll find class details in the COURSE DESCRIPTIONS section, and answers to your most frequently asked questions on the FAQ page. Please email any questions or comments, or feel free to call us. We'll be happy to chat with you in person.

guitar making class training building making luthier guitar making - build double top