Hands-on Guitar Repair
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Hands-On Guitar Repair



Class length: 7 days

Format: You'll be introduced to the most frequently encountered guitar repairs and you'll learn to do them yourself on real guitars. This intensive hands-on workshop is designed for anyone who imagines his/her self eventually doing this work professionally. Previous lutherie or wood-working experience is not required but some previous use of tools and materials is strongly recommended.

Tuition: $2200, includes practice instruments and other materials

guitar repair reset necks

repair your guitarGUITAR REPAIR is an area of lutherie that gets less attention and glory than guitar making. Many of today's prominent guitar makers though, began their work in lutherie by doing guitar repairs and they credit that work for their deep understanding of the structural refinement of their hand made instruments. A good number of guitar makers create a nicely balanced work life by doing repairs as well. Repair work is an excellent way to develop one's skills at the work bench, and it's a solid income source.

repair techniquesHANDS-ON GUITAR REPAIR
is an introduction to the skills and techniques used by professional repair persons to fix or adjust broken, injured, and otherwise compromised acoustic and electric guitars. You'll learn how to correct the most common problems that professional repair persons deal with and you'll learn how to setup a repaired instrument to play better than ever.



kerry char guitar repaitIt's no good learning techniques that have been simplified for beginners.  You want to learn how to do things the way professionals do them.  Head instructor Kerry Char has been repairing and restoring stringed instruments for over 25 years while also building highly sought after acoustic guitars and ukuleles. He's
as experienced a professional as you could ever hope to learn from. 

repair tips
Kerry has been teaching the repairs section of ASL's Setup, Maintenance and Basic Repair class for years and he's a source of endless pro tips that you'll find in no books.



Day 1 -  level, dress, and replace frets, eliminate string buzz

Day 2 -  make nuts and saddles, fine-tune string action and
repair cracks and chips

Day 3 -  clean and replace electric guitar controls and pickups, 
install on-board amplification in an acoustic guitar

neck resetDay 4 -  repair cracks, fix dents and scratches

Day 5 -  reset loose bridges and braces 

Day 6 -  reset neck angles

Day 7 -  repair broken headstocks



repairing guitarsWe assume that students in this class consider that they might do this work professionally one day.  This introduction to professional guitar repair is for you if you have the discipline to practice what you've learned here until your results are routinely successful.  Plan to gather a number of 'junkers’ or ‘yard sale specials' to practice on at home without consequence.  Self-directed learning is part of every professional luthier's development and lifelong refinement.  We'll advise you on how to go about refining your repair skills on your own but you must be prepared to become your own best teacher.



kerry char guitar repairYou're welcome to bring along a guitar of your own that needs work, but don't bring an expensive or otherwise precious instrument to do your first work on.  If you want to bring a guitar of your own to class, let's plan to discuss it before you leave home.   We'll review what you hope to do on the instrument and determine if it's appropriate for your first attempt at it. 

Tuition for Hands-on Guitar Repair includes all materials and supplies, including practice guitars for you to work on.  Tools will be provided, no need to bring your own.  By the end of class you'll know exactly what tools and equipment you'll need to set up your own efficient workspace at home, and where to get them.